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     Blackout started out of pure passion for the craft. Even going back a few years, I honestly had no idea how shirts were printed. As the only graphic design student in my fraternity, I was always tasked with designing and ordering shirts for recruitment, fundraisers, etc. From working with the company that printed our shirts, I slowly started to learn and understand the process and it quickly caught my interest.

     Like many print shops, it started small and as more of a hobby than a business shortly after graduating college. I started with cheap equipment set up in my basement just printing in my spare time. A few years later, Blackout has become my dedicated full time career and is servicing hundreds of clients all over the country.


    There are thousands of print shops all over the country, and they all do the same thing: print shirts. But very few take the necessary steps to ensure that those shirts they are printing are good quality. I can't tell you how many stores I have gone to and seen shirts that have prints that are not properly cured which will wash away as soon as they go through the wash, or the print is crooked or not centered. All signs of a shop that does not care about quality. These shops just care about pumping out as many shirts in a day as possible, and quality goes out thew window with that.

     One of Blackout's priorities is quality. We want you to be excited every time you pick up shirts from us. And we want that shirt to last a lifetime, so we take ever step necessary to make sure that happens. We treat screen printing as an art form to ensure every step of the process is flawless, giving us the best results.

     Our other top priority is customer service. As a small business, I have the opportunity to create a relationship with each one of my clients. When you submit a request for the quote, you will be working with one person from start to finish, no more getting a quote from a robot and someone you never spoke to setting up your artwork - something is bound to go wrong with that lack of communication. Here at Blackout, the person you get a quote from is the same person that you talk to about small details, creates your digital mockup, prepares your artwork, orders the blank tees, prints the order, and packs it up for you. This gives us control over every single process from start to finish, knowing exactly what the client wants along the way.

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